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Our Services



We carry a variety of Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) for telephone, television, and public areas.


We provide comprehensive hearing assessment for patients of all ages.


Well aware of the emotional and social impacts of hearing loss, we offer counseling and rehabilitation for patients and their families.

Ear Molds

We provide and fit custom swim molds, ear molds, and noise protectors

Education Programs

We regularly provide training workshops to schools, civic/service groups and medical professionals.


Working with all major hearing aid manufacturers, we offer fitting of the full range of hearing aids, including the latest digital technology.

In-Service for Schools

We work closely with local schools to provide individual and group training for school nurses, speech pathologists, teachers and administrators.

Tinnitus Evaluation and Treatment

We provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment of tinnitus for veterans and others suffering from this distressing condition.

Live Speech Mapping

Live Speech Mapping is a fitting process that uses probe microphones and live real-time speech to allow the patient and their family members to immediately see and understand the benefits of hearing aids and fitting adjustments.